I had the opportunity to take a Steam Locomotive Photo trip. One of my closest friends loves trains , and I like trains and photography. So we both took the trip, and it was a perfect day, blue skies, and enough clouds to add interest. The train would stop, we would get off, set up our cameras and the train would return and pose, and often back up and make a run for the video fans. What would normally be a hour and a half trip was now a 6+ hour excursion, and we got our moneys worth. So, because I'm a camera guy, I brought a DSLR, but since it was a 1921 locomotive, I also took along my 1920s Graflex Reflex camera. This is like an SLR, and uses 120 roll film. Now, I wanted to shoot color film, and called a camera store that was on my way. I asked for 120 color print film, and they said they would have it ready for me. I picked up 5 rolls on my way to Conway, NH. The next morning, while loading the film holders, I noticed it was slide film and not print film. A few cuss words later, I decided to go with it anyways (slide film has no latitude for the exposure being off, whereas print film can be off by a few stops). Relying on a 100 year old shutter from a camera that doesn't get much exercise was chancy, but the photos came out. You must focus wide open, then stop the lens down to the correct f-stop, check the shutter tension and slit width on a chart, reset the mirror and shutter after each shot. Piece of cake.

Unfortunately, this was the last photo summer run for the old 7470 steam locomotive, since its now in overhaul, and won't be available again until 2017.


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